Baroni, Vittore

Artist's book (3 work / s)

Code PV2031   Artist's book

Art Detox


Published by the artist
White paper shopping bag containing:
a 32 pages booklet, 21 x 14,5 cm.,
with original relics and inserts,
a envelope, 12 x 18 cm. containing relics,
plus a multimedia CD-R

CD-R program:
1. Vecdor featuring Korka Helgottir
    Masterminded by Rod Summers at VEC Headquarters
    January 2011 - Length 2'12''
2. Gina Pritti, Tutti al Lago
    Recorded at Studio Kroyer, Spring 2010
    Length: 2'02''
3. Ratto Goal, Rattodetox
    Recorded at Topicida, Winter 2011
    Length 3'08''
4. Gianluca Becuzzi & Vv. Aa., Unspeakable
    Assembled and produced at Kinetixlab, January 2011
    Length: 8'38''
5. Le Forbici di Manitù, Ray Not
    Written and produced by Le Forbici di Manitù, January 2011
    Length: 2'10''

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