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Code FXC1023 1/6   Periodical Collective



Magazine, "A survey of Avant-Garde Art".
Published by Verlag Kalender, Wuppertal / Düsseldorf.
With original contributions and reproductions of works.

1. Kalender Rolle, 1961
    Contributions by:
    B. Patterson, E. Williams, W. Vostell and others.
    Long printed scroll, 11.5 x 240 cm.
2. Kalender Rolle, 1962  
    Contributions by:
    N. J. Paik, D. Spoerri, L. M. Young, E. Williams, D. Roth,
    W. Vostell and others.
    Long printed scroll, 11.5 x 240 cm.

    Both rolls are contained inside the original mailing box,
    with Verlag Kalender logo printed on it, and addressed to a
    collector in Wuppertal

3. Kalender 63. "Pop Art do it yourself"
    Contributions by:
    G. Brecht, W. Vostell,
    N. J. Paik ("Read music. Do it yourself...", No. FX1080)
    D. Roth ("Stupidogramme", No. 0849) and others.
    Unnumbered pages, 19 x 14 cm.
    Added interventions attributed to J. Beuys,
    G. Maciunas, A. Waldschmidt, D. Rot.
    Edited by Galerie Miniature, today closed
    (corner of Bleibtreu str. and Kurfürsterdamm)

4. Kalender 65. "Happenings, U.S. Pop Art, Nouveau Realisme..."
    Signed by W. Vostell
    Texts and photos of happenings by:
    W. Vostell, J. Beuys, A. Koepke, A. Kaprow, D. Higgins, N. J. Paik,
    E. William, S. Brown, T. Schmit, D. Spoerri and others.
    Unnumbered pages, 19 x 14 cm.

5. Kalender 69. "E. A. Electronic Art"
    Contributions by:
    N. J. Paik, W. Vostell and others.
    Unnumbered pages, 19 x 14 cm.
6. KaLender 71
    The books contains works and labels by various artists :
   - G. Maciunas, "Kill Paper Not People"
   - C. Moorman, page with written label signed by the artist
   - B. Vautier, page with written label "Es ist wichting dich
     schlecht  zu machen"(page from the book
      "A little book of Ben") No. FX1186

See also:
"TPL Tombeau de Pierre Larousse", No. FXC1035

Exh.: 2012, Chiasso.

Kalender - all

Beuys - attributed

Maciunas - attributed