Cobbing, Bob / Garnier, Pierre / Lora Totino, Arrigo/ Keith, Bill / Tanabu, Hiroshi

Artist's book (39 work / s)


Code 2233S   Artist's book Collective

Light Poem. Poems five poets


Published by THIS alt EDITION
Studio di Formazione Estetica, Turin
Published simultaneously in five countries
3 double pages book, 21 x 15 cm.
Prints on papers of works of:

- Bob Cobbing
- Pierre Garnier
- Bill Keith
- Arrigo Lora Totino
- Hiroshi Tanabu

A. Lora-Totino considers this work as an artist's book.
See his complete list of artist's books at No. PV0904


B. Cobbing

P. Garnier

A. Lora Totino