Shiomi, Mieko

Edition (15 work / s)

Code 0587E 1/2   Edition

Fluxus Balance


Fluxus Balance is a conceptual game contributed to by 68 artists
Portfolio includes 68 cards of texts and drawings,
a photo of a scale, three metal weights,
a piece of string and an announcement

1. Version 1993
    Cardboard folder containing small notecards printed by
    the various artists, with explanations and a print of the
    scales on the notecard. Folder 32 x 24 cm.
    Signed and numbered XXXVII/C
    Included in "Mieko Shiomi correspondence documents biography" no. FX0674

2. Version 1995
    Wooden box, 26.5 x 5.5 x 35.5 cm.,
    with black writing on an orange label, containing
    participant cards assembled for the work
    Signed and numbered VIII/X

See also unique "Fluxus Balance for Luigi" No. 0590
and catalogue "Balance Poems No.1 - No.24", No. FX0417

1. Version 1993

1. explanations

2. Version 1995

2. card

2. card

2. card

2. card