Cage, John Milton Jr. / Gosewitz, Ludwig / Knowles, Alison / Paik, Nam June / Schmit, Tomas / Vostell, Wolf / Young, La Monte / and others

Video (46 work / s)


Code FXC1583   Video Collective / Announcement Collective

Parallele Aufführungen Neuester Musik


Parallel performances, Kunsthandel Monet, Amsterdam, Oct. 5, 1962
Opening of the W. Vostell's exhibition:
"Décollages and Verwischungen"
Artists organisers: W.Vostell and N.J.Paik

1. Invitation card
    Invitation card for the opening of the W. Vostell exhibition
    and the concert at Kunsthandel Monet, Amsterdam
    Folded: colours offset on white cardboard,
    printed on both sides, 9.9 x 36.5 cm.
    See also: "List of Fluxus...", No. FX0452

2. Flyer
   "Moving Theater No. 1, World premiere"
    Designed by N. J. Paik
    Black on white paper, 29.6 x 21 cm.

3. Video
    Video recorded during the
    "Parallele Aufführungen Neuester Musik"
    Length: 13'25"

    Video program notes:
  - J. Cage, "Solo for Voice 2" No. FXM0636-1
  - N. J. Paik, "Serenade for Alison", No. FXM0663
  - W. Vostell, "Decollage Musik Kleenex", No. FXPH0038-1
  - N. J. Paik, "Moving Theatre No.1" No. FXM0640
  - D. Hülsmann, "Erotica Texte"
  - L. M. Young, "Composition 1960", No. FXM0542-3
  - T. Riley, "Ear Piece"
  - L. Gosewitz, "Wurftexte", No. PVM0026
  - A. Knowles, "Street Composition", No. FXM0643
  - T. Schmit, No. FXM0650
  - W. Vostell, "Music Box", No. FXM0647

  DVD re-edited in "Fluxus in Holland-the Sixties" 2009, No. FXC0123-8

Exh.: 2015, Rome ( #1 , #2) ; 2019, London (#1, #2).

Bibl.: "Happening & Fluxus", exhibition catalogue, Kölnischer Kunstverein, Cologne, 1970 ; "Fluxus etc.", exhibition catalogue, Cranbrook Academy of Art, Bloomfield Hills, 1981, p. 316 ; "Fluxus in Holland-the Sixties",Galeria A - ArtKitchen Gallery, Amsterdam, 2009 ; "Das Theater ist auf der Straße", exhibition catalogue, Museum Morsbroich Leverkusen and Museum Vostell Malpartida, 2010, p. 150; "The Lunatics are on the Loose. European Fluxus Festivals 1962-1977" (edited by P. Stegmann), Down with art!, Berlin, 2012, pag. 93-107

1. folder

1. card

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1. inside

2. Flyer

3. video