Maciunas, George and various

Video (46 work / s)


Code FXCM0334   Video Collective

Fluxfilm Anthology (1962 - 1970)


Fluxfilm list edited and titled by G. Maciunas
Forty-two shorts films, ranging from
10 seconds to 10 minutes
    - N°1, N. J. Paik, "Zen for Film", No. FXM0277
    - N°2, D. Higgins, "Invocation of Canyons...", No. FXM0318
    - N°3, G. Maciunas, "End After 9", No. FXM0320
    - N°4, C. Shiomi, "Disappearing Music for Face", No. FXM0159
    - N°5, J. Cavanaugh, "Blink"
    - N°6, J. Riddle, "9 Minutes", No. FXCM1100
    - N°7, G. Maciunas, "10 Feet", No. FXM0320
    - N°8, G. Maciunas, "1000 Frames", No. FXM0320
    - N°9, Y. Ono, "Eye Blink", No. FXM0330
    - N°10, G. Brecht, "Entrance to Exit", No. FXM0286
    - N°11, R. Watts, "Trace No. 22", No. FXM0274
    - N°12, R. Watts, "Trace No. 23", No. FXM0274
    - N°13. R. Watts, "Trace No. 24", No. FXM0274
    - N°14, Y. Ono, "One", No. FXM0251
    - N°15, Y. Ono, "Eye Blink", No. FXM0330
    - N°16, Y. Ono, "Four", No. FXM0331
    - N°17, P. Vanderbeck, "Five O'Clock in the Morning"
    - N°18, J. Jones, "Smoking", No. FXM0350
    - N°19, E. Andersen, "Opus 74, Version 2", No. FXM0351
    - N°20, G. Maciunas, "Artype", No. FXM0320
    - N°21, A. Knowles, "Baby Footage", No. FXM0034
    - N°22, J. Perkins, "Shout",  No. FX1261
    - N°23, W. Vostell, "Sun in Your Head", No. FXM0269
    - N°24, A. Fine, "Readymade", No. FXM0358
    - N°25, G. Landow, "The Evil Faerie"
    - N°26, P. Sharits, "Sears Catalogue 1-3", No. FXM0359
    - N°27, P. Sharits, "Dots 1 & 2", No. FXM0359
    - N°28, P. Sharits, "Wrist Trick", No. FXM0359
    - Unnumbered, P. Sharits, "Unrolling Event", No. FXM0359
    - N°29, P. Sharits, "Word Movie", No. FXM0359
    - N°30, A. Fine, "Dance", No. FXM0364
    - N°31, J. Cale, "Police Car"
    - N°32, M. Knížák, withdraw from the Flumfilm Anthology
    - N°33, M. Knížák, withdraw from the Flumfilm Anthology
    - N°34, A-yo, withdraw from the Flumfilm Anthology
    - N°35, J. Hendricks, withdraw from the Flumfilm Anthology
    - N°36, P. Kennedy and M. Parr, "Fluxfilm No. 36"
    - N°37, P. Kennedy and M. Parr, "Fluxfilm No.37"
    - N°38, B. Vautier, "Je ne vois rien...", No. FXM0523
    - N°39, B. Vautier, "La traversée du...", No. FXM0523
    - N°40, B. Vautier, "Faire un effort", No. FXM0523
    - N°41, B. Vautier, "Regardez moi çela suffit", No. FXM0523

1. Selection of five Fluxfilms, No.14-16-18-23-25, 1967
    Master 16 mm, 65 Ø x 3 cm.
    Unique copy sent from G. Maciunas to G. E. Simonetti
    Video program notes:
    - W. Vostell N°23 "Sun in your Head" No. FXM0269
    - Yoko Ono N°16 "Four" No. FXM0331
    - G. Landow N°25 "The evil Faerie"
    - Yoko Ono N°14 "One" No. FXM0251
    - Joe Jones N°18 "Smoking" No. FXM0350
      Total length: 30'44"

2. Selection of six Fluxfilms, No. 3-14-16-18-23-25, 1995
    Videocassette VHS numbered 4/30
    Re-edition by Edizioni Masnata, Genoa

3. Fluxfilm Anthology
   a. Videocassette edited by Arthouse Inc. 1997
       and DVD copy
       Released in association with Jonas Mekas.
       Distributed by Film-makers cooperative, NY
       Total length: 138'52"'
   b. Videocassette edited by Anthology Film Archives, NY
       and Re: Voir Vidéo Paris 1998 and DVD copy
       With a 44 page booklet by Maeva Aubert
       presenting the Fluxus artists and films
       Total length: 122'79"

See also Announcement, No. FXC3344

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2. VHS cover

Fluxfilm anthology

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