Moorman, Charlotte

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The world of Charlotte Moorman: archive catalogue


Edited by Barbara Moore and published by Bound & Unbound, N.Y.,
in conjunction with the exhibition "The world of Ch. Moorman"
Package and label design by Jim McWilliams
Cardboard box, 26.5 x 39 x 13 cm.
Edition of 100 copies + 5 H/C
Containing 22 envelopes marked in roman numerals:

I.             Table of Contents
II.            Chronology: Early
III.           Chronology: General
IV.           Chronology: Paik Collaborations
V.            Avant Garde Festivals: General
VI.           1st Avant Garde Festival
VII.          2nd Avant Garde Festival
VIII.         3rd  Avant Garde Festival
IX.           4th Avant Garde Festival
X.            5th Avant Garde Festival
XI.           6th Avant Garde Festival
XII.          7th  Avant Garde Festival
XIII.         8th  Avant Garde Festival
XIV.         9th Avant Garde Festival
XV.          10th Avant Garde Festival
XVI.         11th Avant Garde Festival
XVII.        12th Avant Garde Festival
XVIII.       13th Avant Garde Festival
XIX.         14th Avant Garde Festival
XX.          15th Avant Garde Festival
XXI.         Bibliography
XXII.        Biography

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