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Approximately Infinite Universe


Published by Apple Records, London, 1973
Two 12'' vinyl records

Audio program notes:
A: -"Yang Yang"
      Length: 3'52"
    -"Death of Samantha"
      Length: 6'23"
    -"I want my love to rest tonight"
      Length: 5'11"
    -"What Did I Do!"
      Length: 4'11"
    -"Have You seen a horizon lately"

B: -"Approximately Infinite Universe"
      Length: 3'19"
    -"Peter the dealer"
      Length: 4'43"
    -"Song for John"
      Length: 2'02"
      Length: 5'29"
    -"What a Bastard the world is"
      Length: 4'33"
    -"Waiting for the sunrise"
      Length: 2'32"

C: -"I felt like smashing my face in a clear glass window"
      Length: 5'07"
    -"Winter Song"
      Length: 3'37"
    -"Kite Song"
      Length: 3'19"
    -"What a Mess"
      Length: 3'13"
    -"I Didn't know"
      Length: 3'13"
    -"Air talk"
      Length: 3'21"

D: -"I Have a woman in my soul"
      Length: 5'31"
    -"Move on fast"
      Length: 3'40"
    -"Now or Never"
      Length: 4'57"
    -"Is winter here to stay"
      Length: 4'27"
    -"Age 39"

Produced by J. Lennon, Y. Ono with
Plastic Ono Band and Elephants Memory

Exh.: 2007, Treviso.

Bibl.: "Yes Yoko Ono", exhibition catalogue, New York 2000, p. 340 ; "Sognare", exhibition catalogue, Museo Santa Caterina, Treviso, 2007 ; "Yoko Ono. Half-a-wind show. A Retrospective", exhibition catalogue, New York, 2013, p. 171.


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