Brecht, George

Announcement (5 work / s)

Code FX1765 1/2   Performance

Incidental Music (1961)


1. Score card version
    Black offset on white card, 15.5 x 12 cm.
    Included in "Water Yam" 1963, No. 0329E

2. Photo and video extracts from:
a. "Milano Poesia", Ansaldo, Milan, 1989, No. FXC1301
     Performer: B. Vautier, G. Hendricks, Al Hansen, K. Friedman
     Video cassette and DVD
     Four b/w photos by F. Garghetti  No. FXC0017
     24 x 30.5 cm. each signed

b. "Art Action 1958-1998", Canada 1998
     Performer: L. Miller
     B/w photo and signed by F. Garghetti
     See also: Photographic documentation
     by L. Miller, No. FXPH0754

c. "...soudain l'été Fluxus" 2009, No. FXC1763-6
    Performer: B. Vautier
    Photographic documentation and DVD

d.  "Who will Live - will See", 2010, No. FXC1388-6
     Performers: B. Vautier
     Photographic documentation and DVD

Exh.: 2019, London (#1).

Bibl.: "George Brecht Events, Eine Heterospektive. A Heterospective", exhibition catalogue, Cologne 2005, p.300.

1. Score

2a. Milano Poesia

2a. Milano Poesia

2a. Milano Poesia

2a. Milano Poesia

2b. Art Action

2c. ...soudain l'été Fluxus

2d. "Who will Live - will See"