Higgins, Dick

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The Thousand Symphonies (1968)


1. The Thousand Symphonies Project, July 12th 1967
    Printed sheet, 45 x 20 cm. Signed

2. Documentation
     a. Video, November 1968
         Length: 18'50"
         VHS videotape
         Event creating the scores for "The Thousand Symphonies"
         at the South Brunswick Police Rifle Range, filmed by Alison Knowles.
         Participants: D. Higgins, P. Corner, G. Hendricks,
         M. Knížák and others

     b. Photos, November 1968
         Four B/W photos, 18 x 24 cm.
     c. Photos, 1991
         Six colored photos by Anastasia Shartin
         15 x 10 cm. each
     d. The Thousand Symphonies.
         A Master List of the Pieces
, Dec. 15th 1995
         Fourteen pages booklet  edited by the artist
         28 x 22 cm. each

See also Unique, No. 0309; Audio, No. FXM0726;
Artist's book No. 0497E and Catalogue No. FXC1712

"...As for the symphony, the idea behind the "Thousand Symphonies" cycle was an important one in the late 1960s, where the police were being used to punish hippies by framing them for possession of marijuana and such-like. I thought there should be a more constructive use for the police. So why not put the police to work composing symphonies?..." (D.H.)

Exh.: 2019, London (#1).

1. 1967

1. 1967

2.a 1968 Video

2.b 1968 Photo

2.b Photo

2.b Photo

2.b Photo

2.c 1991 Photos

2.d 1995 A Master List - closed

2.d A Master List - open