Ladik, Katalin

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Sound Cage - Portrait of Katalin Ladik


Published by Contemporary Arts Media, Australia
Director: Kornél Szilágyi (Igor Buharov)
Length: 60'00''
Trailer: 01'28''

In Sound Cage: A Portrait of Katalin Ladik by Kornél Szilágyi (also known as Igor Buharov), the many languages of Serbian-Hungarian poetess, actress, and visual artist Katalin Ladik come together. There is a language we all understand, of Ladik telling the story of her life. This is interspersed with the language of her poems—words that drift, float, and arrive like water in the bay of Hvar Island, Croatia, from where we see her reciting the words: “Who steps on cinder / under the sky / is gliding. / Our passions burn her / to ashes day by day / and fall into the foam.”