Moorman, Charlotte

Edition (4 work / s)

Code FXM0236 1/2   Performance

Variations No. 2 on a Theme by Saint-Saëns (1964)


Performed by Charlotte Moorman

1. Announcement, 1967
    Mimeographed sheets
    At "The Merv Griffin Show", WNEW TV,
    Channel 5, NYC July 3 1967
    28 x 21.7 cm. each
    Part of "The world of Charlotte Moorman" Envelope No.3, No. FXC0772

2. Video, 1989
    Excerpt from the performance
    during the "Six performances..."
    at Ex Caserma Zucchi, No. FXCM0220
    Length: 02'00''

Three pictures regarding the performance have been
signed for an edition (1/4) and used in the work "Cello TV", No. 0157S

1. Announcement

2. video