De Ridder, Willem

Announcement (6 Schede)

Code FXC0614 1/4   Announcement

European Mail-Order Warehouse & Fluxshop


Published and distributed by the European Mail-Orderhouse, Amsterdam

1. Promotional mail-Order house, 1964
    B/w card, 19.5 x 19.5 cm.

2. Announcement, 1964
    Edited by W. de Ridder
    Black printed on walnut paper, 19 x 12 cm.

3. Second pricelist, 1964
    Edited by W. de Ridder with G. Maciunas
    Six sheets printed on one side, mimeographed
    black on gray, loosely inserted into a black offset
    on yellow folder, 28.2 x 18 cm.

4. Fluxus mailout, 1965
    Edited by W. de Ridder and D. Meyer
    pp.6 paper wrappers, 22 x 14 cm
    Mimeographed inside, offset on wrappers
    Inside are sheets of paper in multiples of 3,
    each with elements of collage, rubber stamps
    and die-cutouts. Essentially a Fluxus multiple
    in the form of a catalogue, the pages contain
    original contributions by Paik, Higgins, Meyer,
    Vostell and others
    The cover has a collage element added

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European Mail-Order Warehouse & Fluxshop


Announcement. European Mail-Orderhouse


Second pricelist. European Mail-Orderhouse


Fluxus mailout. European Mail-Orderhouse