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Code FXC0022   Document Collective

Visible Language. The journal of visual communication research


Periodical founded by Dr. Merald Wrolstad
Editor and Publisher Sharon Poggenphol
with the support of the Rhode Island School of Design’s
Graphic Design Department
and the Illinois Institute of Technology’s Institute of Design
Now supported by the School of Design at the University of Cincinnati
College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning

-  Visible Language
    Volume 20 Issue 1 January 1986
. No. FX0089
    Monographic issue edited by D. Higgins

- Visible Language
   Volume 26 Issue 1/2 January 1992
No. FXC0001
   Monographic issue dedicated to Fluxus

- Visible Language
   Volume 39 Issue 3 September 2005
  No. FX0825
   Monographic issue edited by Ken Friedman

- Visible Language
   Volume 40 Issue 1 January 2006
No. FXC0824
   Monographic issue edited by Ken Friedman and Owen F. Smith