Maciunas, George

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Code FXM0233 1/4   Performance

Piano Piece No. 10 and Piano Piece No. 13 (1962)


- "Piano piece No. 10"
    Piano is whitewashed (result shown)
- "Piano piece No. 13"
    Performer nails down each key of the keyboard
    starting with the lowest note and ending with the highest one
- "Piano piece No. 10 + Piano piece No. 13"
    The performance consists in realize both piano pieces
    Photo and text in "Tulane Drama Review", No. FXC0157

Performance's photographic and video documentation included in:

1. Fluxus intérieur 16mm 1964-1972, No. FXM0136
    Piano piece No. 10 + Piano piece No. 13
    Performer: Ben Vautier
    Length: 00'28''

2. Festival of Fantastics, Roskilde 1985, No. FXCM0336
    Piano piece No. 10 + Piano piece No. 13
    Performers: Philip Corner, Ben Vautier and Ann Noel
    Length: 06'58''
   See also:

3. ... soudain l'été Fluxus, Paris 2009, No. FXC1763
    Piano piece No. 10 + Piano piece No. 13
    Video and photographic documentation
    Performer: C. Dreyfus
    Length: 04'09''

4. Who will live - will see, Moscow 2010, No. FXC1388
    Piano piece No. 13
    Photographic documentation
    Performer: B. Vautier

Audio included in:

5. "Goodbye 20th Century", 1999, No. FXCM5626
   George Maciunas, "Piano Piece #13 (Carpenter's Piece)
   - For Nam June Paik"
   Piano piece No. 13
   Composed by George Maciunas
   Audio CD
   Length: 3'49''