Giorno, John / Gysin, Brion and others

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Life is a Killer


Published by Giorno Poetry Systems Records, New York
LP vinyl record

Audio program notes:

Side A
- John Giorno, "Everyone Says What They Do Is Right"
  Length: 5'11"
- William S. Burroughs, "The Mummy Piece"
  Length: 3'55"
- Amiri Baraka, "Wailers"
  Length: 4'45''
- Jim Carroll, "Just Visiting (from "The Book of Nods")
  Length: 6'30"

Side B
- Jayne Cortez, "I See Chano Pozo"
  Length: 6'20"
- Ned Sublette, "Cowboys Are Frequently Secretly"
  Length: 4'49
- Brion Gysin, "Junk"
  Length: 3'21''
- Rose Lesniak, "She's So"
  Length: 4'35''
- Four Horsemen, "The Dreams Remain"
  Length: 2'35

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