Brecht, George

Video (1 work / s)

Code FXM0418 1/3   Announcement / Performance

Two durations (1963)


1. Score card version, 1963
    Instructions for the event edited by the artist
    Black printed on orange card, 5.2 x 6.5 cm.
    Included in "Water Yam" No. 0329E-1

2. Video included in:
a. "Fluxus Media Opera. Original Fluxus & Fluxus in
     the Electronic Media Era" 1994, No. FXCM0337
     Video cassette, VHS and one colours photo

b. "Fluxus Trial. Destructive Performances
     for Piano & Computer" 2001, No. FXM0381
     Video cassette, VHS

3. Announcement
    Folder included in catalogue "George Brecht.
    A Heterospective" No. FX1105
    Opening Realizations Sept 2005, Cologne
    Colours offset on white paper, printed on both sides,
    with plastic glasses, 28.5 x 42 cm.
   Included in "George Brecht events scores sheets and cards"

Bibl.: "George Brecht Events, Eine Heterospektive. A Heterospective", exhibition catalogue, Cologne 2005, p.92, p.301

1. Score

2.a Video

2.b Video

3. Announcement