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The Rara Requiem


Published by Polydor International GmbH, Holland, 1969
12'' vinyl record with booklet with texts, drawings and photos

1. First edition, 1969
Audio program notes:
Side A
- "Inizio" (beginning)
- "a pagina sessantatré" (“on page sixty-three”)
- Tempo molto disteso sempre e sempre...
  (Tempo very relaxed and always…)
- ...sempre più lento... (slower and slower)
- "Tu sei passato..." (“You are passed…”)
- Tempi tutti estremamente liberi e cantabili
  (Tempos all extremely free and singable)
- (solisti) (...e gli ultimi duetti "perdutamente"...)
  (soloists) (… and the last duets “desperately” )
Total length: 30'04"
Side B
- Tutte le voci insieme "Romano"
  (All the voices together “Roman”)
- lento (slow)
- "Felice chi é diverso..."
  (“Happy he who is different…”)
- Libero e tranquillo (Free and peaceful)
- Tempo I (tempo I)
- Tempo di "lettura"; analitici, comodi e liberissimi
  (Tempo for “literature”; analytical, comfortable and free)
Total length: 28'32"

2. Re-edition, 2005
    Audio CD
    Live recording 1998, Venice

"The Rara Requiem" is the third part of the opera "Lorenzaccio"
for vocal ensemble, choir, guitar, cello, wind orchestra,
piano, harp, and percussion. (C. Anderson)