Christiansen, Henning

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Op.39 Fluxorum Organum (1967)


Published by Gelbe Musik / eventuell, Berlin, 2009
Two 12'' vinyl records and two booklets:
a Reprint of the original score, pp.15
and typewritten annotations by H. Christiansen, pp.5

Audio program notes:
Side I
- "Langsam Und Zeitbewusst"
  Length: 22'00"
Side II
- "Langsam Und Zeitbewusst"
  Length: 12'00"
Side III
- "Langsam Und Zeitbewusst"
  Length: 16'00"
Side IV
- "Langsam Und Zeitbewusst"
  Length: 17'00"
Side V
- "Zeitbewusst"
  Length: 15'00"

There the final tape version “fluxorum organum” was played there
In 1968 there was a repeat performance
at the Wide White Space gallery in Antwerp

See also Announcement  No. FXC1600

Exh.: 2015, Rome ; 2019, London.