Hansen, Al and Hans Hermann

Performance (42 work / s)


Code FXCM0626   Video Collective

New and old Fluxus-Dreams


Exhibition at Lattuada Studio, Milan

1. Video documentation of exhibition's opening, March 8
    Published by Art-Matrix, 1994
    Produced by Art Soli(d)(t)aire
    Edited by F. Garghetti, F. Manzoni
    Length: 62'00"
    VHS videotape
    Cover and videotape signed by H. Hermann
    Numbered 12/21

2. Relic
    Two dollars green paper, "Vota Arte / Peacemaker" printed

See also Performance No. FXM0073 and No. FXCM3381

1. VHS cover

1. Video

2. Front

2. Back