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Fluxus Anthology - 30th Anniversary. 1962-1992 Sound Anthology


Published by Slowscan, Netherlands, No. FXC0040
Edited by Jan Van Toorn
Wooden box, 32 x 24.5 x 5 cm containing:
- Book
  Unnumbered pages, 30 x 21 cm
- Eight scores by:
  P. Sharits, R. Filliou, E. Andersen, J. Jones, D. Higgins,
  H. Christiansen, W. Vostell, K. Friedman
  30 x 21 cm each.
- Eight high quality audiotapes

Audiotape 1
- Side A
   G. Maciunas, "Seattle Interview" (1977), No. FXM0413
   Length: 43'00"
- Side B
   H. Christiansen, "Symphony Natura" op. 170 (1985), No. FXM0109
   Length: 43'00"

Audiotape 2
- Side A
   R. Filliou, "Whispered history of art" (1963), No. FXM0133
   Length: 20'00"
- Side B
   M. Knížák, "Bossanova suite" (1990), No. FXM0211
   Length: 19'30"

Audiotape 3
- Side A
   T. Kosugi, "August 14, 1991", No. FXM0030
   Length: 32'00"  
- Side B
   J. Jones, "Solar music hot house", No. FXM0219
   Length: 31'00"

Audiotape 4
- Side A
   W. Vostell, "Le Cri" part 1, No. FXM0171
   Length: 30'00"
- Side B
   W. Vostell, "Le Cri" part 2, No. FXM0171
   Length: 30'00"

Audiotape 5
- Side A
   "Car Bibbe" (1958/1959)  No. FXM0737
   "Balloni Brothers Balloon Work"  No. FXM0738
   "Joseph Beuys Stuka Bomber Piece" (1989)  No. FXM0739
   Length: 25'00"
- Side B
   "The Futuristic Chattanooga Choo Choo in the Mongolian Desert"
    No. FXM0740
   "I opened the top button of her jeans and zipped her zipper down
    (anonymous musicians)"  No. FXM0741
   "Intermedia L.A. Roadside streetwise poetry", No. FXM1686
   "Venus Rap"  No. FXM0742
    Length: 28'00"
See also: Audio, No. FXM0074

Audiotape 6
- Side A
   P. Sharits, "The Existential Anguish Symphony", No. FXM0214
   Length: 45'00"
- Side B
   L. Miller, "Accord", No. FXM0215  
   M. Alocco, "Pour Fluxus" (1960-1967-1968), No. FXM0216
   D. Albrecht, "Two lines" (1991) excerpt
   Length: 45'00"

Audiotape 7
- Side A
   Shorter pieces:
   A. Knowles, "A Nivea cream piece...", No. FXM0032
   R. Watts, "String record composition" (1969), No. FXM0223
   E. Andersen, "Untactics of Music" (1968), No. FXM0013
   C. Schneemann, "Mother Lexicon" (1981), No. FXM0222
   J. Dupuy, "Elle aimait bien les frites..." (1977), No. FXM0224
   Length: 25'00"
- Side B
   Shorter pieces:
   K. Friedman, "Melon Medley" (1965), No. FXM0217
   R. Maxfield, "Pastoral Symphony" (1960)
   D. Higgins:
     "In memoriam" (1961), No. FXM0218
     "Omnia Gallia" (1980), No. FXM0615
   M. Shiomi, "A Celestial Tune...", No. FXM0139
   G. Metzger, "On the Festival of Misfits", No. FXM0226
   Length: 27'00"

Audiotape 8
- Side A
   B. Lens, "Vacuum cleaners"
   Length: 45'00"
- Side B
   B. Lens, "Alarm clocks"
   Length: 45'00"

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