Brecht, George / Filliou, Robert

Edition (43 work / s)


Code 0075S   Edition Collective

La Cedille qui Sourit


Published by Städtisches Museum, Mönchengladbach
in the occasion of the exhibition, No. FXC1896
Texts by G. Brecht and J. Cladders
Cardboard box, 16.5 x 20.5 x 2 cm.
designed in shape of a big matchbox,
containing three leaflets, loose paper pages and
a small regular matchbox, thin cards and documents,
containing metal hooks in shape of a cedille
Signed by the artists and numbered 299/400

Enclosed is an Original Vintage Photograph of Filiou at
the opening of the exhibition in Monchengladbach

Exh.: 2000, Napoli ; 2012, Chiasso ; 2022-2023, Milan.

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