Higgins, Dick

Artist's book (50 work / s)


Code 0538E   Artist's book / Performance

Emmett Williams's ear / L'orecchio di Emmett Williams


1. Artist's book
    Published by Edizioni Pari & Dispari, Cavriago
    Folder with music score, explanations and instructions
    Unnumbered pages, 34.5 x 26.5 cm.
    Signed and numbered 150/170 and 11/170
    Part of the "Ring Binder. Dick Higgins-Ephemera", No. FX0189

2. Performance Video
    Performed by Agnese Toniutti
    23 June 2018
    Art Park Verzegnis, Udine
    Length: 12'55"

"In 1968 or so, when Something Else Press was working on publishing Emmett William's sweethearts, I made drawings for the jacket (not used) from which I made rubber stamps. These included a drawing of an ear, based on sketching Emmett's. Not long thereafter he went to an art opening in Hoboken, NJ, and returned with an ear infection which required emergency treatment. Since I was then composing music using iconic images, I used the rubber stamps to make a music piece, which Rosanna Chiessi published some time later." (D.H.)

Bibl.: "Fluxus Donacija Francesca Conza", exhibition catalogue, Zagreb 1999, p. 93.

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