Higgins, Dick

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Poems and Metapoems


Published by Recital, Los Angeles
Booklet, pp. 15, 28 x 21.5 cm.
and 12" vinyl record

Audio program notes:
  Side A
-"Requiem For Wagner The Crimal Mayor, 2 Excerpts"
-"Long Tail From Jessie"
-"Love Song For Straights"
-"Lyrical Text #12"
-"Lyrical Text #13"
-"The Pendulum"
-"Poem 1963"
-"Portrait Of A Woman"
-"Six Considerations Of The Angel"
-"Snowflake: Dark Room, Dark Rose"
-"Snowflake For A Friend Who Went Completely Straight"
-"Snowflake: Man's Heart's Mirror's"
-"Snowflake: Which Shines Brighter?"
-"The Snowflakes Of Giordano Bruno"
-"Song For Marilyn"
-"Structures (For Cary And Linda)"
-"Two Things About The Woods"
-"A Winter Carol"
-"Winter Seascape"
-"(Seven Of The) Twelve Telephone Translations"
  Length: 22'02"
  Side B
-"As: Another Seven"
-"Boris Blastoff Finally Dreams About Life"
-"Boris Blastoff's You-Play-It Crapshooting Song"
-"Caryatid: I Am"
-"Hello, Serbes-Marines"
-"The Dawn Police"
-"For Several"
-"Four Women"
-"Gentle Talk"
-"How The Abbot Trilled With His Lady Easy Yet"
-"A Hymn At Night"
-"Trois Caryatides Au Loop-Garoux"
  Length: 20'42"

Exh.: 2015, Rome ; 2019, London.