Ichiyanagi, Toshi

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Portrait of Forest (1983) / Rhythm Gradation (1993)


Published by Camerata Tokyo, Inc., Tokyo, 1996
Included in "Thirteen Drums. Music for percussion solo"
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Audio program notes:
1. Portrait of Forest, (1983)
    Length: 08'01"

2. Rhythm Gradation, (1993)
    Length: 10'53"

"Rhythm Gradation" is composed of various kinds of gradations based on rhythm,
the attenuation and proliferation of rhythm, the melting rhythm using
reverberations and the shift from something clear to unclear.
The definite sense of intervals gradually becomes indefinite throughout the music.
"Portrait of Forest", written for Mr. Sugahara's concert featuring Cage and Ichiyanagi
in 1983, is a solo piece for marimba.