Knowles, Alison

Artist's book (15 work / s)

Code FX0033 1/2   Artist's book



1. First edition, 1976
    Published by Unpublished Editions, New York
    Collage preface by Philip Corner
    Unnumbered pages, 21 x 14 cm.
    Signed and dated with dedication to Luigi

2. Second edition, 1979
    Published by Printed Editions, New York
    Unnumbered pages, 21 x14 cm.
    Signed and dated with dedication to Luigi
    This reprint contains also: "Three New Bean Events",
    "The Shoemaker's Assistant" and "Bean see also Bein"
    Signed with dedication to Luigi also
     in the page of the score "Mantra for Jessie", No. FXM0449
     on the occasion of the performance at Lanificio Bonotto,
     the 30 July 1995

See also "Event Scores", No. FX0492

First edition

P. Corner's preface

two pages

two pages

two pages

Second edition