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Open Secrets


Published by Experimental Intermedia Foundation, New York, 1993
Audio CD
Cover: Designed by A. Tardos

Audio program notes:
a. "1st Milarepa Gatha", No. FX1266
     Length: 05'12"
b. "Milarepa Quartet for four like instruments", No. FXM0450
     Length: 03'46"
c. "Thanks", No. FX1404
     Length: 09'54"
d. "Winds/Instruments"
     Length: 18'53"
e. "38th and 39th Mertzgedichte in Memoriam Kurt Schwitters"
     Length: 01'53"
f. "Phoneme dance in Memoriam John Cage"
    Length: 05'00"
g. "Lucas 1 to 29: For One or More Instrumentalists"
     Length: 24'29"
h. "Free Gatha 1 and Free Gatha 2", No. FXM0489
     Length: 05'12"

Open Secrets. Cover