Minarelli, Enzo

Audio (24 work / s)

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Published by Pogus Productions, NY., 2012

Audio program notes:

  1. First polypoem for a great man: Genghis Khan.
      length: 01'29"
  2. Second polypoem for a great man: Genghis Khan.
      length: 03'59"
  3. Third polypoem for a great man: Genghis Khan.
      length: 02'49"
  4. The grandeur of Genghis Khan.
      length: 01'17"
  5. A great homage to the number five
      the perfect number for Genghis Khan.
      length: 01'22"
  6. Knowledge as purpose of life.
      length: 01'36"
  7. The flavour is the presence of each person.
      length: 02'47"
  8. What is not attractive any longer
      nobody looks at but it remains forever.
      length: 02'19"
  9. To be is, not to be is not.
      length: 02'55"
10. I don't like poets who add dead complexities
      to living ones.
      length: 03'00"
11. Luzvidaluz, to Oscar Niemeyer.
      length: 04'19"
12. Names of cities as national anthem,
      to Sinclair Lewis.
      length: 01'39"
13. Succeed without asking.
      length: 02'15"
14. The weak suits.
      length: 02'38"
15. Done nothing so I am not (poem it up).
      length: 01'49"
16. Those who fear the pain (use the medicine of religion).
      length: 02'13"
17. This poem expresses by means of sound what the
      word cannot express, to Caspar David Friedrich.
      length: 03'24"
18. Gilgamesh Sumerian poem.
      length: 05'10"
19. Ptyx.
      length: 02'31"
20. Seeking the sound Pharmacopoeia.
      length: 03'26"

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