Shiomi, Mieko

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Code FXM0159 1/2   Video / Artist's book

Fluxfilm Anthology. Disappearing music for face


1. Video - Fluxfilm N°4, 1966
    Part of "Fluxfilm Anthology", No. FXCM0334
    Edited and titled by G. Maciunas
    Distributed by Film-makers cooperative, New York
    Length: 12'39''
    Video cassette

2. Artist's book, 2002
    Published by "ReFlux Editions", New York, No. FXC0565
    Each one reproducing a film-photogram, bound and stapled
    pp. 40, 4 x 6.2 cm.

See also "Disappearing music for face (1966)", No. FXM0326

1. video

2. Artist's book