Tone, Yasunao

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Musica Simulacra


Published by Atak, 2011
Box set limited edition

1. Audio CD
Audio program notes:

1. "Book1-1. Attribute to Emperor Yuryaku, a choka."
    length: 6'43"
2. "Book2-95. Fujiwara Kamatari, On the occasion of
    his marriage to Yasumiko, a palace"
    length: 3'18"
3. "Book3-313. Tori Senryou, a tanka"
    length: 1'51"
4. "Book5-897-903. Yamanoue Okura, Suffering from old age
    and prolonged illness, and thinking of his children,
    a choka with six envoys."
    length: 17'10"
5. "Book6-1040. Ohtomo Yakamochi, Composed when
    Fujiwara Yatsuka had invited Prince Asuka as a guest
    of honor to a banquet at his residence, a tanka"
    length: 4'52"
6. "Book9-1715. From the Hitomaro collection, Attributed to
    Tsukinomoto, a tanka"
    length: 1'58"
7. "Book11-2833. Anonymous, Referring to water, a tanka."
    length: 2'49"
8. "Book14-3348. Azumauta (Eastland Poems), Poems from
    the province of Kazusa, a tanka."
    length: 3'55"
9. "Book16-3803. Anonymous, Once there was a young man and
   a fair maid, who were meeting in secret, unknown to their parents.
   Now the maid, desiring to acquaint the parents with the affair,
   wrote a poem, and sent it to her lover, a tanka."
   length: 5'15"
10. "Book17-4016. Takeuchi Kurohito, A poem on etchuu province
    memorized by a native official, a tanka."
    length: 4'41"
11. "Book19-4260-4261. Ohtomo Miyuki, Written after the War of
     Jinshn (in 672) was ended, Yamamochi transcribed the poems
     sung on the second of the second month in Tempyou-Shouhou
    (752), two tankas."
     length: 4'20"
12. "Book20-4491. Lady Ishikawa, Poem in sorrow of being
     divorced, a tanka"
     length: 5'39"

1. Musica Simulacra CD-ROM (1996-2010)

3. Text
pp. 48, 14x14 cm.

Limited numbered edition of 500 copies in a box,
with an autograph and a 48 page booklet of notes in Japanese and English.
CD-ROM contains sound art made by converting the whole texts from
4516 poems found in the Man'yōshū ("Ten Thousand Leaves")

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