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The Crying Space


1. The Crying Place (Manhattan, 1990)
  Published by Edizioni Conz, Verona No. PVC0267

  Audio program note:
  Side A
  Length: 32'12"
  Side B
  Length: 32'12"
  Exhibition at Emily Harvey Gallery, New York
  from October 26 to December 8, 1990

2. The Crying Space (1990-1991), 2019
  Published by Recital Sixty Five, California
  Produced by Eric Andersen and Sean McCann
  Two Cd's

  Audio program note:
-  Disc One
  "Le Chemin Des Larmes", Galerie Donguy, Paris, 1991
  Length: 63'57''
-  Disc Two
  "The Crying Place", Emily Harvey Gallery, New York, 1990
  Length: 31'32"

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