Andersen, Eric

Edition (25 work / s)

Code 0369E   Performance / Edition

Audience Cab from Visitors Walk


1. Edition
    Published by the artist
    Wooden coat rack with bronze plaque, 22 x 29 x 2 cm.
    plus a cap and a bag containing:
     - Postcard announcing performance: printed cardboard,  11 x 15 cm.
     - 4 photographs, different sizes
     - a CDrom with photographic documentation
       Documentation of the first performance at Emily Harvey Gallery, New York

2. Photographic documentation
    Color photos, various sizes
    Eric Andersen giving the edition to Luigi as present
    for his 70th birthday
    Archived in "Photographic documentation" No. FXPH0230

See also Announcement No. FX1300

1. Edition

1. photo

1. photo

1. photo

1. photo

2. Photo