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Series of Rainbow Happenings


Rainbow No. 1 for orchestra
Realised during:
1. "Excellent 92", No. FXCM0385
     Video cassette VHS
2. "ReFluxus. Festa delle Avanguardie
     1973/2006", No. FXCPH0003
     Performers: B. Patterson and others
     Colour photos, various sizes and DVD
     Photo signed by B. Patterson

Rainbow music # 1
Realized during:
3. "Fluxus nel Veneto", 1995, No. FXC0177
    Performers: Fluxus artists
    Video cassette VHS
4. "Time Simples", 2006, No. FX0704
    Performers: A. Knowles and others
    Colour photos, various sizes
5. "Luigi’s 70th birthday", 2011
    Performers: L. Bonotto with family and friends

Rainbow music No. 2
Realized during:
6. "Fluxus Media Opera", No. FXCM0337
    Video cassette, VHS

Rainbow Gondola Dinner, No. FXCPH0020 -2
Realized during "Ubi Fluxus Ibi Motus, 1990-1962", Venice
Performed by the artist and others

The Rainbow Dinner Event, No. FX0767
Realized to celebrate Ay-O's 81 birthday.

1. No.1

2. No.1

3. music # 1

4. music # 1

5. music # 1

6. music No.2

Gondola Dinner

Dinner Event