Chiari, Giuseppe

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La Strada


1. Artist's book, 1964
    Published by the artist
    Dedicated to George Maciunas
    White envelope containing nineteen cardboards
    with event scores, various sizes
    Included in "Fluxyearbox 1" - Box version, No. FX1251
    See also: re-edition, No. FXC1039

2. Music action, 2007
    "Musica per pianoforte", played during
    the concert for artist's 80th birthday
    Performer: F. Rzewski
    DVD audio and video documentation
    Included in "Chiari. Autoritratto", No. FX0890
    You can see the video and/or listen to the audio only
     with password. For access contact us.

See also Edition No. PVC1509 and Performance FX3230

Bibl.: J. Hendricks, "Fluxus Codex", Detroit-New York 1988, p. 222.

1. Artist's book

2. Music action