Corner, Philip / Filliou, Robert

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Code FXCM0459   Audio Collective

Mob Shop Audio Events


Published by Mob Shop, Reykjavik & Snæfellsnes, Iceland, 1981
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Audio program notes:

1. Robert Filliou, "The eternal network" No. FXM0095
    Length: 5'25"
2. Mob Shop Artists, "Chant for the Network"
    Length: 9'12"
    Initiated by Philip Corner
3. Margrét i Dalsmynni, "Poem New Art"
    Length: 4'02"
    Recitated by the poet.
    Tryggvi Hansen Interview with  Margrét i Dalsmynn

4&5. Robert Filliou,"A song for Margrét i Dalsmynni" No. FXM0111
    Length: 5'53"
    sung by the poet and Tryggvi hansen
6. Tryggvi hansen, Interview with Rober Filliou
    "Work as play" No. FXM0047
    Length: 9'37"
7. Philiph Corner, "GAMELAN STEINN" No. FXM0150
    Length: 4'41"
    Performed by Mob Shop Artists
8&9. Mob Shop Artists, "Night Music"
    Length: 4'50"
10. Philiph Corner, "Metal meditations" No. FXCM0023
    Length: 8'21"
    Performed by Mob Shop Artists
11. Robert Filliou, "Poem for Margrét i Dalsmynni" No. FXM0046
    Length: 6'29"