Brecht, George / Chiari, Giuseppe / Higgins, Dick / Maciunas, George / Paik, Nam June / Patterson, Ben / Young, La Monte / and others

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The Spirit of Fluxus


Program for three concerts in Amerikahaus Berlin, Berlin

1. Catalogue
    Included material by L. M. Young, T. Riley,
    G. Maciunas, G. Brecht, J. Cage, G. Chiari,
    P. Corner, D. Higgins, E. Williams, N. J. Paik
    pp. 16, 24 x 20 cm.

2. Flyer
    Black offset on white paper,
    printed on both sides, 21 x 14.8 cm.

See also "Eine Kleine Geschichte von Fluxus in drei Teilen, Berlin" No. FXC1634

1. Catalogue

2. Flyer