Andersen, Eric / Shiomi, Mieko / Spoerri, Daniel and others

Document (90 work / s)


Code FXC0160 1/4   Document Collective

Fluxus Virus 1962-1992


Exhibitions funded by Galerie Schüppenhauer, Cologne
at "Kaufhof-Parkhaus", "Kölnischer Kunstverein",
"Moltkerei" and Munchen at "Aktionsforum Praterinsel"
Curator: K. Friedman

1. Catalogue
    pp. 400, 28 x 23.5 cm.

2. Poster
    Black offset on white paper, 59.4 x 42 cm.

3. Invitation card, no. FX5676
   Black offset on silver paper, 19 x 28 cm. (open)

4. Photographic documentation
    Various colored photos, various sizes
    a.  J. Dupuy, E. Andersen, W. De Ridde
    b. E. Williams, E. Andersen, P. Corner
    c. W. De Ridder, J. Dupuy, L. Bonotto Images
    d. D. Higgins, P. Corner. M. Shiomi, E. Andersen
    f. Eric Andersen photos by L. Bonotto archived in E. Andersen
    photographic documentation FXPH0230

5. Edition, No. 0034S
   Published by Ken Friedman
   for the Galerie Schüppenhauer, Köln
   Signed and numbered 27/100

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- Al Hansen photographic documentation, No. FXPH0054
- B. Patterson performance, No. FXPH1603
- G. Hendricks performance, No. FXPH0037

1. Catalogue

2. Poster

3. invitation card

4. Photo






5. Edition