De Ridder, Willem

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Fluxus Festival. Theatre compositions, street compositions, exhibits, electronic music


Advertising poster for the festival at
Hypokriterion Theater, Amsterdam, june 23, 1963
and Bleijenburg 16, Den Haag, june 28,1963
Artistic organisers: G. Maciunas and T. Schmit
Designed by W. de Ridder
Black offset on white paper, 42.5 x 61 cm.

See also: "List of Fluxus Festivals and concerts", No. FX0452

Exh.: 2012, Chiasso.

Bibl.: "In the Spirit of Fluxus", exhibition catalogue, Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, 1993, p. 27 ; "Fluxus in Holland-the Sixties", 2009; "The Lunatics are on the Loose. European Fluxus Festivals 1962-1977" (edited by P. Stegmann), Down with art!, Berlin, 2012, pag. 221-233