De Ridder, Willem

Edition (5 work / s)

Code 0385E   Video / Edition

The lost works of Willem de Ridder


Published by the artist
Assemblage, 34.5 x 25.5 cm.
- Paper constellation
  Crumple paper
   Audio programm notes:
    - "De Verdwenen Kunstwerken van Willem de Ridder"
       Length: 53'31"
    - "Video retrospectieve tentoonstelling Gallery Spirit 1997"
       Length: 45'00"
    - "Video illegale rondleiding Stedelijk Museum 1997"
       Length: 18'00"
    - "Video illegale rondleiding Stedelijk Museum anno nu"
       Length: 27'00"
    -  "Video illegale kunstwerken Collectie Stedelijk Museum "
        Length: 2'18"

Numbered 6/10

The documentary film was presented at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam on May 13, 2016.
Using Walkmans, De Ridder guided visitors through the museum, showing them artworks he had
been placing in the museum since the early 1990s.