Gerz, Jochen

Edition (8 work / s)

Code 0138E   Edition

Play-text (Part of)


Published by Agentzia, Paris, 1968
Edited by Jochen Gerz
Transparent plastic case, 21.5 x 22.5 cm.
containing a paper disc and black plastic letters

The original work consisted in a case containing
two pages-object with silkscreened, text by Gerz and
loose white letters in pasta; a "Grammo di poesia" in
a small round box  and "Metro di poesia" in a one-meter
transparent plastic tube, both by Nannucci.

Bibl.: M. Nannucci, "ED / MN 1967/2016",
Viaindustraie Publishing, Foligno, 2016, p. 78.