Hendricks, Geoffrey

Document (8 work / s)

Code FXM0470 1/17   Performance



Documentations of the performance realised:

1. In front of the Royal Palace and
     equestrian statue of Karl Johan
, Oslo 1994
     Headstands for Santa Barbara,
     to celebrate the opening of the exhibition
    "In the Spirit of Fluxus" at Santa Barbara
     Museum of  Art, 1994, California
     Video cassette, VHS

2. Colindale, Port Hood, Cape Breton Island,
     Nova Scotia 2001. For the artist's 70th birthay
     Colour photo dedicated to Luigi

3. The Fluxus Constellation, Genova 2002
     Headstands that were part of the performance of Fluxnavy
     Photos by F. Garghetti  No. FXC0017
a. Rainbow streamers on legs, No. FXM0396-3
b. Buon compleanno (Happy Birthday Fluxus), No. FXM0396-3
     Signed by the artist
4. 31 Headstands for Beppe Morra
     Castel S. Elmo, Naples 2003
     Each 25 x 16.5 cm.

5. Villa Buttafava, Cassano Magnago, Varese 2007
    "Headstand for Giovanni Orsini", No. FXM0179
     During the opening of the installation in the wine cellars
     Two colour photos, various sizes and DVD

6. Union Square in front of statue
     of Mahatma Gandhi
, New York 2007
    "Headstands for Peace"
     Signed postcard

7. Malabar et Cunegonde, Ben Vautier's house, Nice 2008
    "Headstand for Ben Vautier"
     Signed postcard

8. Ludwig Museum, Budapest 2008
    "Headstand in memoriam
     C. Moorman, N. J. Paik and E. Williams"
     The image, printed on cardboard,
     has been used by the artist to make the work
    "Radiating energy of headstands", No. 0758

9. Top of hill at Geoffrey's farm in Colindale,
     Port Hood, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada 2009
    "Headstand for Blue wedding"
     of Beth Stephens and Annie Sprinkle
     Photo by J. Padelt
a. Colour offset on cardboard,
     101 x 71 cm. Signed
b. Colour serigraphy on linen cloth
     curated by Archivio Bonotto
     for "Art & Industry", 215 x 100 cm.

10. Passage de Retz, Paris 2009
       Headstand "Fluxus, libertè, egalitè..."
       during the exhibition "sudain l'été Fluxus"
       No. FXC1763-6b

11. Cappella del Rosario, parish Church, Cartigliano 2009
      "Headstand for Jacopo dal Ponte"
       in front of the fresco painted by
       Jacopo and Francesco dal Ponte
   a. Colour photos printed on canvas and cardboard,
       100 x 70 cm., a photo 50 x 36 cm.
   b. Three photos printed on canvas, 50 x 80 cm.

12. Her daughter Winnie's home in Tomkins Cove, NY 2009
      "Handstand for Jill Johnston"
       Photo by Sur Rodney Sur
       Postcard signed

13. The Secret Museum, F. Conz, Monti Lessini 2009
      "Fluxus in Flux" handstand in front of his
       Bronzo di Riace, pannel.

14. Verona 2010
      "Headstand for Francesco Conz, in memoria":
   a. Palazzo Forti, Verona
       Colour photos printed on canvas, 55 x 30 cm.
   b. The secret museum, Monti Lessini
       Colour photos printed on canvas, 70 x 50 cm.

15. South Africa 2011
       Twelve colour photos, each 15.2 x 10.8 cm.:
   a. Headstands National Gallery Cape Town
   b. Headstands Studio Nirox Foundation
   c. Headstands with bush, Nirox
   d. Head in grass, Nirox
   e. Circle of rocks, Grasslands, Nirox
    f. Hammetjie Beach
   g. Rocks near cape of good hope
   h. Studio Court Yard
    i. Nirox Pavillon
    l. Lawn of Nirox Foundation
  m. Nirox Lillies pond
   n. In studio at Nirox for MoMa phone call

16. M.A.X. Museum Chiasso 2012
       Headstands by L. Azzerboni realized during
       "Fluxus. A Creative Revolution", Chiasso
       Digital print on canvas, 80 x 50 cm.

17. In this residence, New York 2005
       Headstands for E. Williams
       Photo by Ethan Shoshan
       Postcard signed

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