Higgins, Dick

Audio (7 work / s)

Code FXM0422   Performance / Edition



1. Visual Poem, 1970
    Published by the artist
    Two color print on grey cardboard, 96 x 18 cm.

2. Sound Poem, 1978
    Audio, length: 03'58"
    Voices of A. Knowles and G. Niccolai
    Included in "BAOBAB. Informazioni fonetiche di poesia" no.1, No. PVM0036

3. Inter - Art Actuel, No. FX0756
    Cover image of Dick Higgins's performance
    "Neo Son(g) Cabaret" Quèbec, 1984

Exh.: 2019 "La xarxa al bosc. Joan Brossa i la poesia experimental", Fundació Joan Brossa, Barcelona.

Bibl.: D. Higgins, "Bio/Bibliography", Barrytown,1992, p.21 ; "Vinyl, records and covers by artists", exhibitions catalogue, Bremen, Barcelona 2005, p.227.

1. Visual Poem

2. Sound Poem

3. Cover image of Dick Higgins's performance