Higgins, Dick

Edition (32 work / s)

Code 0487E 1/4   Edition

The Alcoholic's Decision


Published by the artist
Realized by Massimo Lunardon, Molvena
Serigraphed blown glass bottles with label containing grappa:

1. First version
    Bottle, 26. 5 x Ø 7 cm.
    Signed and numbered 4/8

2. Second version
    Bottle, 28 x Ø 9.5 cm.
    Signed and numbered 7/12

3. Five studies for Luigi
    Five bottles, various sizes
    Each signed

4. Project
    Transferable and pencil drawing
    on plastic sheet, 30 x 21 cm.
    Drawing: "The Alcoholic's Question"

First version included in "Grappa Fluxus, Box 2", No. 0040S

The Alcoholic's Decision. First version, Bottle, 26. 5 x Ø 7 cm.

1. First version

The Alcoholic's Decision. Second version, Second version, Bottle, 28 x Ø 9.5 cm.

2. Second version

The Alcoholic's Decision. Five studies for Luigi, Five bottles, various sizes

3. Five studies

The Alcoholic's Decision. Project, Transferable and pencil drawing on plastic sheet, 30 x 21 cm.

4. Project