Jones, Joe

Document (2 work / s)

Code FXM0168   Performance

Duet for Brass Instruments (1970)


1. "Letter to Willem de Ridder"
     Handwritten by G. Maciunas, No. FX0471-1

Video and photo documentation included in:

2. "Fluxus nel Veneto" 1995 No. FXC0177-4
     Length: 01'52''
     Video cassette, VHS
     Performer B. Patterson

3. "Fluxus Constellation" 2002  No. FXC0494
     Three b/w photos signed by G. Hendricks and
     photograph F. Garghetti  No. FXC0017
     24 x 30 cm. each
     Performers B. Patterson and L. Miller

4. "Saitama Once Only Fluxus Ensemble" 2004 No. FXM0531
    Length: 02'42''
    Performers: Ben Patterson and others

5. "ReFluxus. Festival delle Avanguardie..." 2006  No. FXCPH0003
     Colour photos, various sizes
     One photo signed by B. Patterson
     Performer B. Patterson