Kaprow, Allan

Periodical (1 work / s)

Code FXPH0030 1/2   Performance

Fluids (1967)


1. Photographic documentation:
a. One color photo, 20 x 29 cm. by M. Parodi
    Signed by G. Hendricks
    Included in "Environments at Villa Croce", No. FXPH0027
b. Color photos by G. Orsini
    included in CD

2. Video download from internet:
    Exhibition at Palazzo Ducale, Genova

Realized for the first time in Los Angeles, involved the construction of a fence of ice in three places of the city - while the ice sculpture was always the same- it was change of location to create different situations. Fluids connect to the concept of "meaningless work", illustrated by Walter De Maria in 1960 as an activity that does not generate profits and does not pursue any purpose in a conventional sense.

Bibl.: A. Kaprow artist's book "Days Off. A Calendar of Happenings", 1970, No. FX0717.