Kaprow, Allan

Document (4 work / s)

Code FXPH1333 1/2   Performance

Stockroom (1961)


1. Part of "Fluxyearbox 1": box version, No. FX1251
   Black offset on beige cardboard,
   printed on both sides, 19.6 x 20.8 cm.

2. Environments at Villa Croce, 2008
    One colour photo by M. Parodi
    20 x 29 cm. Signed by G. Hendricks
    Included in "Environements at Villa Croce", No. FXPH0027

Note: a group of people fill a space 6 metres
by 3 with cardboard boxes, balls of newspaper and cardboard,
creating an environment that must call to mind,
in contrast to the title, a warehouse in total confusion.
The visitors were called to take part, moving the various pieces,
changing the materials with black paint.

1. Card

2. photo