Kaprow, Allan

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Code FXPH1158 1/3   Performance

Push and Pull (1963)


1. Score, 1968
    Green paper printed on both sides, 35.3 x 21.6 cm.
    Part of "Aspen no. 6A - Manipulations"  NO. 0100S

2. Photographic documentation
     a. Environments at Fondazione Mudima, 1991
         Six b/w photos by F. Garghetti No. FXC017
         30 x 24 cm. each
     b. Environments at Villa Croce, 2008 No. FXPH0027
         One colour photo by M. Parodi, 20 x 29 cm.
         Signed by G. Hendricks
Included in "Environments at Villa Croce", No. FXPH0027

Note: the original version consisted of two rooms.
In the first room there were a table, a wardrobe, several yellow chairs  
and walls covered with yellow and purple polka-dotted wallpaper.
The second room was covered with black tar paper and illuminated by
a light bulb hanging from the ceiling. Various objects were crowded into
the space. The people were able to have fun moving the furniture between
the two rooms, creating messes or tidying up.

1. Score

2.a photo

2.a photo

2.a photo

2.b photo