Kaprow, Allan

Document (4 work / s)

Code FXPH0029 1/2   Performance

Yard (1961)


1. B/w photos by F. Garghetti  No. FXC0017
    Environments at Fondazione Mudima, 1991
    30.5 x 24 cm.

2. One coloured photo by M. Parodi
     20 x 29 cm.
     Signed by G. Hendricks

Included in "Environments at Villa Croce", 2008, No. FXPH0027

See also Edition No. 0551E

Note: invited to participate in a collective show at the Martha
Jackson Gallery, Allan Kaprow fills the courtyard behind the gallery
with hundreds of  used tires. The space is thereby transformed,
recalling a landfill more than an art gallery, displacing the visitors
who were invited to walk, lie on the piles of tires, with the choice
of moving them and putting them back.