Knowles, Alison

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Naattc / Bean see also Bein / Japanese Bean Garden / Mantra for Jessie (1978)


Published by New Wilderness Foundation Inc., New York, 1980

Audio program notes:

Side A
   Length: 10' 57''
   Recorded by Charlie Morrow at Barton, Vermont, 1978

Side B
- "Bean See Also Bein (for George Maciunas)"
   Recorded by Charlie Morrow at the New
   Wilderness Studio, New York, 1978

- "Japanese Bean Garden"
   Recorded live in the New Wilderness
   Foundation Studio, New York, 1978

- "Mantra For Jessie" (Some Help In Sleeping)  No. FXM0449
   Voice: Jessie Higgins
Total lenght: 10' 57''

See also Audio No. FXM0631

Exh.: 2015, Rome ; 2019, London.

Side A

Side B