Knowles, Alison

Document (11 work / s)

Code FXM0353 1/2   Performance

Build a bean garden (1976)


Included in:

1. "Some Fluxus", 1991, No. FXCM0389
    Length: 07'41''
    Video cassette, VHS
    Performance realised during the
    "Fluxconcert" at Neuberger Museum, N.Y., March 5, 1983
    Performer: A. Knowles

2. "Red Dinner / Cena Rossa", 1990, No. FXCPH0020
    a. Video
        DVD edited by Pari & Dispari and Black-out Editrice
    b. Photos
        Eight colour photos by F. Garghetti  No. FXC0017
        24 x 30 cm. each